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National Dobro Amp Vintage Tube Amp


Made in the USA National Dobro Corp

These amps are very collectible , Pre-War , late 1930’s.

Perfect for a Restoration Project.

Sold for parts or repair.

Out of stock

Product Description

Don’t know the status of any of the components, its over 70 years old.

2 Prong Chord, Comes with 2 TUBES, Missing 2 TUBES. No Handle, size is 17″ x 6″ x 9″ , Original 8″ inch Speaker.

The top back panel has come unglued (See Pic # 4) easy fix.

There is an extra Knob on the control panel( See Pic # 10), I’ve looked at lots of pics of these amps and never saw one with this knob so I’m assuming it’s not original.

This would make a perfect restoration project.