Lava Cables SOLDERED Mini Plug Kits 6-Pack Right Angle


12 Plugs, 5′ Mini ELC Cable, Stripping tool

  • Smallest soldered plug in existence
  • Excellent ease of assembly
  • Works exclusively with Mini ELC and Mini Ultramafic

 This is a great DIY project. Save money and make exactly what you need.


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Product Description

The Lava Plug Solder Version or LPSV™ is smallest soldered plug in existence. This innovative plug represents Lava Cable’s ongoing efforts to provide world-class products that improve the playing experience for musicians. The LPSV™ has one solder point, and excellent ease of assembly. The included insulators make this plug virtually impossible to short once assembled. This revolutionary plug is completely identical to our Solder-Free plug on the outside. It is designed to work exclusively with our Mini ELC and Mini Ultramafic cable and comes in kits with either 10-feet or 5-feet of cable and a stripping tool. Ideal for pedal boards and racks, LPSV™ brings unmatched small size, very low capacitance of 8.5 pF per plug, and the reliability of a soldered connection to musicians who require the best of all worlds.


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