BYOC Shredder Effects Pedal Kit


SHREDDER!!! (Action Figure Not Included)


BYOC has built its reputation on Distortion Pedals and this is one of their best.  So if you have some soldering skill and enjoy the feeling of playing something you built with your own two hands.   Get it , Build it and take a nice trip to Toneville.

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Product Description

Sometimes there’s a thin line between what’s an overdrive, what’s a fuzz, and what’s a distortion. The Marshall Shredmaster is definitely a full on 80’s heavy metal distortion. But it also has the dynamics to pull off a very nice overdrive tone as well. The BYOC Shredder kit packs all the tone of the original pedal with volume, gain, bass, treble, and contour knobs into a box that is half the size of the original… and with true bypass. It’s voiced to turn even a 6 watt open back combo with an 8″ speaker into wall of Marshall full stacks. It’s like having a JCM series in a box. Rock on!

 *Included Small Parts Sort List (see picture above) I wouldn’t build a pedal without it.
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