BYOC Envelope Filter Fixed Wah Effects Pedal Kit


Wah Wah Waah.  This is a great pedal for the first time pedal builders, like getting 2 pedals in one, this little pedal is big on sound.  Get it , build it and envelope yourself in the world of Wah.

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Product Description

Add some funk to your pedal board…and a fixed wah too! The BYOC Envelope Filter & Fixed Wah has 3 parameters when in envelope filter mode: Sensitivity, Range, and Attack. When in fixed wah mode, the manual knob lets you control where you park the frequency, and the range knob lets you control the Q.  This circuit uses a 13600 Dual Transconductance Operation Amplifier and has a fairly low part count, making it a fantastic sounding envelope filter that’s very versitile and easy to build.


 *Included Small Parts Sort List (see picture above) I wouldn’t build a pedal without it.
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