BYOC Digital Delay with Ping Pong Kit


This may not be the easiest pedal kit that BYOC makes but it’s definitely worth the effort.  I played mine for hours the first time  I plugged it in and it still inspires me every time I use it.

See a great video of what this pedal can do (tab below)

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Product Description

If you haven’t been turned on to the new wave of analog voiced digital delays yet, then you’re missing out. They’re every bit as warm as analog delays, they have more delay time, and some of them can actually make it through a gig without having to change batteries.
The BYOC Digital Echo & Ping Pong uses the PT2399 delay chip, which is the cornerstone of most of the boutique digital delays. It’s a very easy device to work with and it is quickly gaining recognition for its great tone. The BYOC Digital Echo & Ping Pong actually uses two PT2399 delay chips for double the delay time when it’s in echo mode. It has approx. 800ms of delay time in echo mode. 
When in Ping Pong mode, the pedal has 400ms of total delay time. Both the ping tap time and pong tap time are completely independent of each other. So this means you have complete control over the speed of the echoes and the offset of each tap.
The BYOC Digital Echo & Ping Pong can be run off a single 9v battery or 9v DC adaptor. But you can also use a 12, 15, or even 18v DC adaptor for more even headroom.


*Included Small Parts Sort List (see picture) I wouldn’t build a pedal without it.

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