BYOC Classic Compressor 2 Knob Effects Pedal *BUILT*


No pedal board is complete without a good compressor and this is one of the best.  This Classic Compressor Pedal was hand built by Solotones.  The build quality is backed by Solotones 90 day guarantee (*see details below).  The pedal you see in the pictures below is the pedal you will receive, Serial # RTO331  It’s been tested, it sounds great and it’s ready to play.


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Product Description

This is B.Y.O.C’s Classic Compressor, for those who still prefer the lower-fi vintage sound and simplicity of a straight up Ross compressor clone.  It has no modifications, just the standard Sustain and Level knobs.  The circuit is true to the original Ross gray compressor and comes with the CA3080E chip and 2N5088 transistors (these are the semi-conductors currently used in the Keeley Compressor). 1% Metal film resistors, polyester metal film caps, a double sided PCB, and Neutrik jacks make this kit a bargain when compared to other Ross clones. And yes, this pedal is true bypass.

Solotones is a B.Y.O.C. Authorized Dealer.

*Solotones 90 day build guarantee – Solotones will repair any build defects for 90 days from delivery date. Buyer pays return shipping and Solotones will repair it and ship it back for free. Must contact Solotones and get a return authorization before shipping