BYOC 855 Drive Effects Pedal Kit


Build yourself a Classic Germanium Tubescreamer.  This is a great first time pedal kit for those who have some soldering skills and enjoy the feeling of playing something you’ve built with your own two hands

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Product Description

Do you wish the Tubescremer had more gain, less mids, and more low end? If so, you will love the BYOC 855 Drive. The Ibanez OD855 is a close cousin of the Ibanez TS808. While the circuits are very similar, the OD855 is more than just a modified Tubescreamer. The BYOC 855 Drive kit is almost spot on to the original. We use the 4558D chip, 1N60 germanium clipping diodes, and tantalum caps in all the same places as the original. The only difference between the BYOC 855 Drive and the original OD855 is that we got rid of the FET bypass circuit and replaced it with true mechanical bypass, and we replaced the 1uf electrolytic caps in the signal path with higher quality film caps. The orignals are selling for insane amounts of money now. Here’s your chance to try out this other legendary Ibanez effect for a fraction of the cost.

 *Included Small Parts Sort List (see picture above) I wouldn’t build a pedal without it.
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